Start at: 10:00 August 25 2019 UK time

Finish at: 13:30 August 25 2019 UK time





From 10 am to 1:30pm

Swiss pairings over 4 rounds with a 20 minute time control and time can be paused to calculate the score. Standard MSO tie-breaks apply. The 50 point bonus for playing all 3 tiles is not given in tournament play.
Triolet is a numbers games. The objective is make ’15’ with three tiles on a board. Players lay 1,2, or 3 tiles intersecting ‘crossword’ style on a board. Additional points are scored when three tiles equal 15 or all three tiles are placed in one go. It’s an easy game to learn and the ‘double’ ‘triple’ and ‘bis’ squares ensure players who have started slowly do catch up. The winner is the person who has scored most points when the tiles run out. Note that draw offers are not allowed.
Standard rules apply including that a 2×2 square is not permitted with the first 4 tiles. Also, both players are allowed to pass and if there is no progress been made and there have been 3 consecutive passes, then the game ends and the score is calculated including negative points for the remaining tiles.

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Adult, Child