2016 Full Schedule

Venue: JW3
341-351 Finchley Road
London NW3 6ET
United Kingdom

 August 21 to 29, 2016
D – double session, full day: 10.15am to 6pm (lunch break 1.30pm-2.15pm)
AM – morning events: 10.15am to 1.45pm
PM – afternoon events: 2.15pm to 6pm
N – night events: 7pm to 10.30pm
WC = World Championship
8x3pt = 8 rounds, 3 points each
25m = game lasts 25 minutes
Click here for the prize list
Sunday, Aug 21
10am Welcome Ceremony @ JW3
D Backgmn 6rdx5pt
D Settlers of Catan
D Scrabble
D Chess 960 Rapid
N 7 Card Stud
N Chess 5min
N Dominion
N Oware
N Memory World Cup
Monday, Aug 22
AM Cribbage Singles
PM Cribbage Pairs
D Cities & Knights
D Chess Rapid 25m
D Backgammon 8x3pt
N London Lowball
N King’s Cribbage WC
N Coal Baron
N Exchange Chess
N Nackgammon
Tuesday, Aug 23
AM Abalone WC
AM Rummikub
PM Twixt WC
PM Triolet
D Terra Mystica
D Backgammon 6x7pt
N Backgammon 6x1pt
N Ment Calc Blitz *8pm
N Trench WC
N 5 Card Draw
N Hare&Tortoise WC
Wednesday, Aug 24
AM Mental Calc WC
AM Chinese Chess
AM Mensa Connections
PM Shogi
PM Mastermind
D Carcassonne
PM+N Entropy WC
N Pineapple
N Tetris
N Race for the Galaxy

Thursday, Aug 25
AM Decamentathlon WC
AM Superfut
PM Kamisado WC
PM VEGEtables
D Acquire
D Backgammon 4x11pt
6pm FREE Strategy Lecture
N Backgammon Plakoto
N 7 Wonders
N Computer Prog.
N Omaha
N Shacru WC

Friday, Aug 26
AM Stratego Duel WC
PM Othello
D Lines of Action WC
D Diplomacy
D Ticket to Ride (EU)

Sunday, Aug 28
AM Go 9×9
AM Blokus
AM Kenken/Sudoku
PM Crossword *4pm
PM Go 13×13
PM Quoridor
PM Creative Thinking WC
D Agricola
D Bridge
N Texas Hold’Em
N Quiz
N Gomoku
N Dominion Expansions
N Continuo WC

Monday, Aug 29
AM Dominoes
AM Boku WC
PM Lost Cities
PM Heads up hold’em
D Monopoly
D Go 19×19
D Puerto Rico
630pm Pentamind World Champ Award Ceremony


Single Session Tournaments are £10

Double Session Tournaments are £15 
[e.g. marked as ‘D’ on the schedule and take place in the morning and afternoon]

All You Can Play ticket covers unlimited participation in all of the events.

Please note that entry info is shared with our Venue, JW3. All events are open to spectators, free of charge, and newcomers are always welcome. The above times and number of rounds will be used. In exceptional circumstances, the arbiter / organizers may alter these on the day based on the number of entrants or the availability of electronic clocks. Mind Sports Olympiad 2015 has partnered with JW3. By submitting your information to the Mind Sports Olympiad organizers, you are agreeing to have that information shared with JW3. Gold, Silver and Bronze medals will be awarded for each tournament.