Start at: 19:30 August 23 2020 UK time

Finish at: 22:30 August 23 2020 UK time




Single Elimination (i.e. knockout) on Aug 23 at 730pm London time. Time control is 15 minutes per player per game. Played on a 9×9 board size. To be eligible for medals and other prizes, please register both here (with your BGA username) and on this BGA tournament page: {To register on the BGA page above 100 Elo points are required. This can be bypassed if you let us know AT LEAST A DAY AHEAD that you want to play and we can send a direct invite to your username on BGA.} Veletas is a drawless territory game for two players: Black and White. It’s played on the squares of a 10×10 square board, which is initially empty. Apart from the board, the necessary material comprises seven shooters and a sufficient number of black and white stones. Both players control a number of neutral red pieces and shoot stones of their own colour from them. In order to win, a player must claim a majority of neutral pieces by having them surrounded by larger groups of their own pieces than their opponent’s.

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Adult, Child