Twilight Struggle (Day 1)

Start at: 14:15 August 29 2020 UK time

Finish at: 23:30 August 29 2020 UK time




29th – 30th August 2020

Qualification Rounds Saturday 29th August (2.15pm to 11.30pm)

Knockout Stages Sunday 30th August (2.15pm to 11.30pm)

** Registration is now closed for this tournament**

Played on the steam app and organised through the MSO Discord server

Full rules of the game can be found here

Tournament Details

This tournament is open to all players, however Twilight Struggle is a complex game so we ask that you play some practice games before taking part.

– 4 Rounds Swiss Qualification
– Top 16 players qualify for knockout stages

Players must own the Playdek Twilight Struggle steam game in order to enter. This is available to purchase at

The tournament shall be organised via the Mind Sports Olympiad Discord server, which enables us to use text & voice chat throughout the tournament (voice chat is optional). To join, please follow this link:

Please ensure you join the channel on time (refer to schedule) so that we can get everyone organised and to avoid disappointment.

This tournament is supported by the International Twilight Struggle League (ITSL) and all matches shall apply to ratings for ITSL players (non-ITSL players treated as having a rating of 5000 for calculation purposes).

The ITSL have kindly offered prize support to this tournament as follows:
1st Place – $150
2nd Place – $100
3rd Place – $50

Game Rule Clarifications
– Matches played with the optional cards and +2 USA start.
– Swiss matches played with assigned factions, knockout random factions.
– Clock rules: 60 minutes per player

*Note that this is a rather fast time control and requires a steady pace of card play. To reduce risk of losing by time out, In the game settings you can ‘Turn Off’ Notifications and also reduce display resolution in order to accelerate the animation time lost between plays.

Swiss Tiebreaks
1. Matches Won
2. Bucholtz (aka Sum of Opponents Scores)
3. Difference between sum of rounds not played due to victory minus rounds not played in games lost (ie faster wins, slower losses are better)
4. Order of tournament registration, earliest wins.

If a game in the knockout rounds ends with Wargames creating a tie, the player who evemts Wargames loses.  Otherwise if a game ends tied on VPs the match shall be awarded as a win to the USA player.

Registration Closes: Thursday 28th August @ 23:59
Check in Opens: Saturday 30th August @ 13:30
Check in Closes: 14:15
First Games Commence: 14:30
Expected Finish Approximately: 23:30

Knockout rounds Check in Opens: 13:30
Check in Closes: 15:15
First Games Commence: 14:30
Expected Finish Approximately: 23:30

Live Stream
The International Twilight Struggle League (ITSL) and the Online Twilight Struggle League (OTSL) have kindly agreed to stream the knockout stages of the tournament.  Players must therefore be prepared to share their screen upon request in order to support the stream.

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