Stratego Duel World Championship




From 10:00 am until 2:15 pm

Duel games will be played over 10 rounds with a Bronstein clock and a setting of 2 mins personal time/ 3 seconds per move and 10 minutes max game time + 2 mins setup time. The first tie-break will be a play-off to a maximum of 3 games per player (providing there is time at the Arbiters discretion). If that is not possible, or does not provide a result, then usual MSO tie-breaks apply, except that Point Spread is not applicable.

Anyone who has played the Original/Classic Stratego game OR Stratego Barrage will be very familiar with the pieces and rules of Stratego Duel.This is because the rules are EXACTLY the same as the Original/Classic Stratego & Stratego Barrage.The only physical difference is the number of pieces played on the board. In the Original game there are 40 pieces each. In Barrage there are 8 pieces each. In Duel there are 10 pieces each. In short, Duel is Barrage but with 2 extra pieces. (An extra Miner + an extra Bomb)

Stratego Duel pieces = 10                Stratego Barrage pieces = 8
1 x Marshal                                       1 x Marshal
1 x General                                       1 x General
2 x Miners                                         1 x Miner
2 x Scouts                                         2 x Scouts
1 x Spy                                              1 x Spy
2 x Bombs                                         1 x Bomb
1 x Flag                                             1 x Flag
Although physically the difference between Duel and Barrage is very small, the game itself changes much more than most people think.
In Classic the most important piece is the Marshal.
In Barrage the most important piece is usually the Scout (some might be surprised to hear).
In Duel the most important piece is usually the Miner.
The power of the Scout in Barrage has been eliminated with the addition of the extra bomb. In Duel it is possible to bomb a flag in the corner. In Barrage this was not possible and meant that the flag was always vunerable to an attack from a long range scout.
Duel actually plays more like the Original game than Barrage.

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