Start at: 15:30 August 30 2020 UK time

Finish at: 18:00 August 30 2020 UK time


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Swiss pairings over 5 rounds with 10 minutes per player and a 30-second increment per move. The tournament will be played at so please provide your 81dojo username and e-mail address when registering.

Info from the organizers:

The tournament has been set up on the 81dojo website with the name Mind Sports Olympiad 2020 Shogi Championship. The URL of the tournament is

The highest-placed British player will be awarded the title of British Online Shogi Open Champion. The highest-placed female player will be awarded the title of British Online Shogi Female Champion.

Once players have registered for the event through the MSO website, they will then also need to register at 81dojo. We will only approve entrants who have already registered with the MSO.

A couple of days before the event, we will share details via email of a Zoom call and Live stream on which we will make pairings and standings available.

Entrants will need to be present for the Zoom call 15 mins before the start of the event in order to be included in the pairings. Failure to do so may result in being unable to take part in the tournament.

Shogi is also known as Japanese chess or the Generals’ Game, is a two-player strategy board game in the same family as Western (international) chess, chaturanga, makruk, shatranj and xiangqi, and is the most popular of a family of chess variants native to Japan. Shōgi means general’s board game. Shogi is similar to chess but has a much larger game tree complexity because of the use of drops. The opening consists of arranging one’s defenses and positioning for attack, the mid game consists of attempting to break through the opposing defenses while maintaining one’s own, and the end game starts when one side’s defenses have been compromised.

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