Start at: 19:30 August 15 2020 UK time

Finish at: 22:30 August 15 2020 UK time


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Swiss pairings over 6 rounds with a 15-minute time control per player. To be eligible for medals and other prizes, please register both here (with your BGA username) and on this BGA tournament page: https://boardgamearena.com/tournament?id=54269 

{To register on the BGA page above 100 Elo points are required. This can be bypassed if you let us know AT LEAST A DAY AHEAD that you want to play and we can send a direct invite to your username on BGA.}

The abstract strategy game Quoridor is surprisingly deep for its simple rules. Quoridor is a 2 player abstract strategy game designed by Mirko Marchesi and published by Gigamic Games. Quoridor received the Mensa Mind Game award in 1997 and the Game Of The Year in the USA, France, Canada and Belgium. The object of the game is to advance your pawn to the opposite edge of the board. On your turn you may either move your pawn or place a wall. You may hinder your opponent with wall placement, but not completely block him off. Meanwhile, he is trying to do the same to you. The first pawn to reach the opposite side wins.

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