Mensa Connections

Start at: 10:00 August 19 2019 UK time

Finish at: 13:45 August 19 2019 UK time





From 10:00 am until 1:45 pm

Played 2 player with Swiss Pairings over 5 rounds. Bronstein Clock timings: 10 mins per player + 10 secs per move. Standard MSO tie-breaks apply.

Mensa Connections or Ingenious are the English names for Einfach Genial (Simply Ingenious), a German abstract strategy board game designed by Reiner Knizia under commission from Sophisticated Games and published in 2004 by Kosmos. Across most of Europe it is titled as the local translation of Ingenious or Simply Ingenious.
The unusual victory condition (‘highest lowest score wins’) requires players to develop all six colours and drives a higher degree of strategic planning than would otherwise be the case. Tactical considerations include not only how many points a player will earn by placing a particular tile, but also which colours they will score on, often resulting in a trade-off between the two. Building large blocks of one colour also leads to higher scoring opportunities for one’s opponent, and gameplay often revolves around a player tactically blocking a colour for which they have already established a scoring advantage.

Tournament Clarifications:
The scoring charts are placed beside the board, both on the same side, with the same orientation and visible to both players.
Players must place their tile, declare their score and move their score markers before pressing the clock to end their turn. They may draw new tile(s) after pressing the clock.
A tile may be played for 0 points.
If a player gets a colour to 18 then they get another turn but without replenishing their rack. It is possible to have more than 2 consecutive turns.
If a player gets 2 colours to 18 with the same move, they only get 1 additional turn.
A player may change their rack if they have no tiles containing their lowest scoring colour. This must be declared after marking their score but before pressing the clock.
If a player times out then they make no further moves but their opponent continues playing until normal finishing conditions arise, or they also run out of time. The game is then scored normally.


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Adult, Child