Lines of Action World Championship




From 10:00 am until 5:30 pm

Swiss pairings over 6 rounds with 20 minutes+5 seconds per move. Standard MSO tie-breaks apply, except that point spread is not applicable.
Lines of Action is a two-player strategy board game invented by Claude Soucie. The objective is to connect all of one’s pieces. Lines of Action is played on a standard chessboard. Each player controls twelve checkers. The object of the game is to bring all of one’s checkers together into a contiguous body so that they are connected vertically, horizontally or diagonally. Checkers move horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. A checker moves exactly as many spaces as there are checkers (both friendly and enemy) on the line in which it is moving. For example, black may open with c8-c6. Black’s checker moves two spaces because there are two checkers in the line (c8-c1) in which black is moving. A checker may jump over friendly checkers, but not over an enemy checker.

Tournament Rules
Simultaneous connection is a draw.
If a player accidentally makes an illegal move then their opponent has the choice to accept the move or reject it. Once a move has been made in response then the illegal move is considered accepted. If an illegal move is rejected then it is undone and the player must move again.
A player’s first illegal move is penalised with a warning; 2nd is penalised with the opponent receiving 2 extra minutes of time; 3rd is a forfeit of the game. These penalties do not apply to illegal moves that are accepted by the opponent. If a player’s first illegal move occurs with either player’s clock time is below 1 minute then the warning penalty is skipped, and the 2 minutes time penalty is used with a further infraction resulting in a forfeit of the game.

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