Liars Dice (aka Perudo/Dudo)

Start at: 19:30 August 22 2020 UK time

Finish at: 22:30 August 22 2020 UK time




7 round swiss with 10 minutes per player per game. Played head’s up (2 player mode). With Calza.

Liar’s dice is a class of dice games for two or more players requiring the ability to deceive and detect an opponent’s deception. Five dice are used per player with dice cups used for concealment.

A BGA rating for Perudo of 100 ELO is necessary to join this tournament on BGA, but if you don’t have 100 ELO we can add invite you directly and you can still participate–just let us know. Please note that we are using the Asmodee rules (as that is the only Perudo variant on BGA). If someone bets a six (e.g. two 6s) you are restricted in your betting such that only bids of Aces or 6s are allowed to follow. After Aces, it is possible to bid any dice. For further info please check the BGA Perudo rules by playing a few games.

Please provide your Board Game Arena username when registering here and also register at:

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Adult, Child