Start at: 16:30 August 22 2020 UK time

Finish at: 18:30 August 22 2020 UK time




Saturday 22nd August

From 4:15 pm until 6:30 pm

1st – Royal Kingdomino Bundle: Kingdomino trophy, copies of all the Kingdomino range, promo items and two mystery games

2nd– Kingdomino trophy, Kingdomino Age of Giants, promo items, and one mystery game.

Played on BoardGameArena with chat available on the MSO Discord server

Full rules of the game can be found here

Tournament Details

This tournament is open to all players, beginners and Kingdomino experts alike.

– 5 Rounds*
– 2 Player Games
– Swiss Format
*If two or more players are unbeaten after 5 rounds, those players shall playoff to determine the champion in an extra round (the results of which will affect pentamind points)

Players are encouraged to purchase a BoardGameArena premium account if competing in the tournament. This will grant you access to all MSO events played on the BGA platform and supports the website that makes this tournament possible. At the time of writing a one month premium subscription is available for £3.90. Kingdomino tournaments can be played with a free account however during busy periods BGA may prioritise premium members over those using a free account.

The tournament shall be organised using the tournament feature on BoardGameArena. We shall also utilise the Mind Sports Olympiad Discord server, which enables us to use text & voice chat throughout the tournament (voice chat is optional). To join, please follow this link:

Players who register on will be invited to join the tournament created on BGA.  These invites shall be sent approximately 48 hours prior to the tournament in an effort to minimise the numbers of players who register but do not show up for the tournament.  There is no 100 ELO point requirement when you are invited to a tournament so as long as you are registered on msoworld you will be able to join.

Be aware that the BGA tournament system will run strictly to time, with each round commencing immediately once all games have been completed in the preceding round. Please ensure that you have accepted your tournament invitation prior to the published start time and that you are ready for the start of each round as the previous round comes to an end.

Please ensure you join the channel on time (refer to schedule) so that we can get everyone organised and to avoid disappointment.

Game Rule Clarifications
– Matches played 7×7
– Middle Kingdom 10 point bonus rule in play
– No Harmony bonus rule
– Clock rules: 15 minutes per player

Registration Opens: Now
Registration Closes: 16:25
First Games Commence: 16:30
Each subsequent round follows upon the completion of the last. If all matches finish early the next round will immediately commence.
Expected Finish Approximately: 18:30

Additional information


Adult, Child