Hare and Tortoise World Championship

Start at: 18:45 August 21 2019 UK time

Finish at: 22:30 August 21 2019 UK time





From 6:45 pm until 10:30 pm

Format: 4 player games (with 3’s as necessary)
Number of Rounds: 4
Tournament Scoring: Victory Points (4/2/1/0 or 4/2/0 for 3p games)

Full game rules can be found here.

Please note that we will be using the following new rule:

When you land on a hare square do nothing immediately. If nobody goes past you, draw 10 carrots when you next move. If they do, pay 10 carrots into the carrot patch for each player who goes past you, in either direction.

The strategy of Hare & Tortoise derives largely from player interaction, in that players can change their opponents’ access to carrots by overtaking them, backwards or forwards, when they are on a numeral square. This new tournament not only conforms to this principle but also continues the tradition of favouring a trailing player over a leading one. In effect, the hare square becomes a carrot square, except that its consequence now depends upon others overtaking you or not instead of giving you a free choice. It’s also a very simple rule and easy to explain.

An Introduction to Hare & Tortoise
Hare and Tortoise is a German-style board game designed by David Parlett in 1974 and first published by Intellect Games. The game is based on Aesop’s fable “The Tortoise and the Hare”, in which the hare and tortoise decide to race. The tortoise wins the race by cunning while the hare fails because he overestimates himself and takes a nap during the race. The moral of the story is “slow and steady wins the race” which is incorporated in the game mechanics.

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