7 Player Game. Will be extended to 2 rounds and 10:30 finish with sufficient interest for more than 1 board. Tie-breaks for medals will be done on countback (highest wins).

The board game Diplomacy was invented by Alan B Calhamer in 1954. Easy to learn, but with infinite possibilities, it is played on a stylised map of Europe at the turn of the 19th Century. The players assume the roles of the Great Powers at that time: England, Germany, France, Russia, Austria, Hungary, Italy and Turkey. Land and sea power are almost equally significant, each player starting with three armies/fleets which are manoeuvred according to simple rules. There are initially twelve unallocated supply bases scattered around Europe. Each of these earns an extra army or fleet for the occupier. The aim of the game is to emerge as the dominant power.
Diplomacy is a game of pure skill. Players write down their movement orders, which are then revealed simultaneously, conflicting orders being resolved according to a few basic rules. What sets the game apart, however, is the negotiation phase which takes place before each move. In this phase players engage in head-to-head diplomacy, striking up alliances (many probably to be broken later), integrating tactics, or otherwise agreeing on actions to be taken.
Diplomacy is a classic, one of the best board games of the last sixty years. It has an army of devoted followers, many of whom play by correspondence.

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