Cryptic Crossword

Start at: 20:30 August 27 2020 UK time

Finish at: 23:59 August 27 2020 UK time


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We are pleased to introduce a debut event for Mind Sports Olympiad 2020: Cryptic Crossword. From 830pm London time, participants will be emailed the crossword puzzles and have 24 hours to respond by email with a photo of their solution. Tiebreaks will be decided by the time taken to solve. Four puzzles, from easy to challenging will be provided.

Solvers are permitted to use dictionaries, and any reference material readily available online. The competition comprises four distinct puzzles, each of which has a thematic element. The Olympiad puzzles are incrementally difficult; from straightforward to challenging. Entrants are encouraged to approach the four puzzles in order. Each puzzle’s solution yields an “Easter egg” clue for the next. The puzzles:

1. Should be approachable for any fluent speaker of English

2. Uses familiar cryptic crossword conventions (plus thematic tiebreaker)

3. Is tricky, equivalent to a Times daily cryptic crossword (plus thematic tiebreaker)

4. Is difficult. Requires some mental gymnastics but no specialist knowledge.

T&Cs (It is not expected that many perfect solutions will be submitted. Rankings will be based on completed puzzles, with the first tiebreaker being correct %age, then, if necessary, time of submission. For puzzles 1-3, entrants are invited to submit the letter (and/or letters) pertinent to each solved crossword. For puzzle 4, a screenshot of progress will be required to ascertain podium positions.

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