Chess Crazyhouse Arena

Start at: 19:30 August 8 2020 UK time

Finish at: 21:00 August 8 2020 UK time




From 7:30 pm until 9:00 pm (London UTC+1 time)

Crazyhouse chess played at 3min per player for the entire game. 90 min arena.

To be played at: so please provide Lichess username during registration. Also, please register at: where the tournament will take place.


All the rules and conventions of standard chess apply, with the addition of drops, as explained below.

  • A captured piece reverses color and goes to the capturing player’s pocket. At any time, instead of making a move with a piece on the board, a player can drop a piece from their pocket onto an empty square on the board.

For example, a check that would result in checkmate in standard chess can be answered in Crazyhouse, if the defender can play a legal drop that blocks the check.

  • Drops resulting in immediate checkmate are permitted.
  • Pawns may not be dropped on the players’ 1st or 8th ranks.
  • Promoted but captured pawns are dropped as pawns.

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