Amateur Poker World Championship

The Amateur Poker World Championship will be awarded to the player who has the 5 best scores from all the Mind Sports Olympiad’s poker events. Each score is calculated using the formula: Event Score =  100 x ((n+5)/(n+6)) x ((n – p)/(n – 1)) , where n is the number of players and p is the player’s position in an event. Any split positions are shared amongst all of the tied players.

The 2020 MSO poker events are: Hold’em (Aug 8), Omaha (Aug 9), Seven Card Stud (Aug 12), Five Card Draw (Aug 14), Hold’em Heads Up (Aug 15), Omaha Head’s Up (Aug 16), and Six-Plus Hold’em (Aug 19). Start times for all events are 230pm Eastern Time (730pm London Time).

Additionally, one MSO poker event can be applied towards the Pentamind World Championship. The Pentamind is a unique meta-event, which celebrates the best all-round games player in the world. Any event at Mind Sports Olympiad can count towards that year’s Pentamind, and the player with the highest top five scores is crowned the Pentamind World Champion. For more info visit: