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From here you can find out more about all of our events. Click on any event below for more information. Competitors can participate in most events for only £10, and an all-you-can play ticket for all events costs £125 pounds or £99 for students. Each shopping cart is for one player at a time and you may add as many events as possible. The all you can play maximum price of £125 (£99 for under 18) will automatically be applied at checkout if the basket exceeds that price. This year’s venue is JW3 at 341-351 Finchley Road, London NW3 6ET with the exception of Diving Chess, which will take place at the swimming pool at The Third Space in Soho.




All events are open to the public for participation or spectating. Tickets are subject to availability and are first come first serve. See image below for premiere events, which have an 8% bonus factor for the Pentamind World Championship.

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