Ankush Khandelwal Wins the 2020 Pentamind World Championship

Defending World Champion Ankhush Khandelwal has again proven that he is the best board gamer in the world. Ankush scored 488.77 points to win the 2020 Pentamind World Championship. He had a phenomenal tournament, which included the following medals:

Acquire: Gold
Agricola: Silver
Backgammon 5 Points: Silver
Bridge: Gold
Marco Polo: Gold
Perudo aka Liar’s Dice: Gold
7 Wonders: Bronze
Pentamind World Championship: Gold
Eurogames World Championship: Gold

Click here to watch Ankush’s winner’s interview with MSO CEO Etan Ilfeld

Click here to listen to Ankush’s interview on BBC Radio.
Ankush was pushed all the way by Jordi Alexander (aka Legendario6) from Cyprus with 486 Pentamind points and Joe Mela (aka ChinaCad) from the UK with 483 Pentamind points. Checkout Jordi’s impressive win with commentary at the final table of CATAN:Cities and Knights, and also Joe’s gold medal final round victory in Battle Sheep

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