Pentamind Documentary Premiere

August 6th was the Premiere of our documentary about the Pentamind World Championship. PENTAMIND tells the tale of this fiendish contest while exploring the heady world of competitive board gaming and the spell it casts over those who compete for love and glory.

The next screening is on Aug 20 at 12pm. Get your tickets while they last!


Tiebreaks for MSO 2019

Swiss Perfect will be used for pairing 2 player games and its default tiebreaks will be applied: Median Bucholz followed by Bucholz followed by Progressive. For more information and for tiebreak rules applied to multiplayer games visit our Rules Page. Exceptions to the two player Swiss Perfect tiebreak system include Scrabble, but not Entropy or Backgammon both of which will not be using spreads this year. Automating and standardizing our tiebreaks will ensure that arbiters can concentrate on running tournaments smoothly. We intend to monitor the new system and get feedback to consider future modifications.